We're your cozy corner in Melbourne's Yarra Valley, started by a spirited trio - Jane, Robin, and Chris in 2020. From our home to yours, we bring a blend of joy, wellness, and unforgettable memories with every product crafted. Dive into our world where each item is a heartwarming addition to any family's home across Australia.

Our Mission

We started Jane & Robin to bring a sprinkle of joy and a dash of comfort to everyday living. Our passion? To provide you with the best candles, kid-friendly bath bombs, and mystical crystals at prices that make you smile.

Join Our Journey

Every product at Jane & Robin is a testament to our love for uplifting homes and hearts. Whether you're looking to relax with our soothing candles or make bath time fun for the kids, we're here with open arms, inviting you to make our family a part of yours. Let's make every day a little brighter together!