Kids Bath Toys

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      Kids Bath Toys FAQs

      Kids, and babies in particular, learn about their environment through their senses. Try to find bath toys that encourage this, such as those that have squishy or squeaky features, encourage cause-and-effect water play, or have water-safe lights and sounds.

      Simply bring water to a boil, then add toys using a pair of kitchen tongs. Let the toys soak in the boiling water for a few minutes, then carefully remove and place on a towel to allow them to dry completely. This method is a good one to use if you're wondering how to clean bath toys inside.

      Around the six-month mark, when little ones have good head control, are able to sit up by themselves and are showing more interest in toys generally is a great time to begin introducing premium bath toys

      Employ a dry towel or washcloth. Parent Hacks, meanwhile, mentions the tried and true method of putting a dry towel over your child's face while you do the rinsing.