8 Toy-filled Bath Fizzer Will Amaze your Kids

Are You looking for a fun way to spice up your kids' bath time? Go to your favourite bath bombs Australia-based store (or your nearby location) and inquire about the best bath bombs for kids.


Surprisingly, when mixed in the bathtub, these fun little balls emit a wonderful scent that calms your children's nerves. Furthermore, these bath bombs include small toys, making bath time an adventure for your children. Let us look at our 8 best bath bombs for kids to help you choose the best for your little ones.




Safeguards Your Kids Before Making a Purchase


  • Avoid soaking too long in the tub.
  • If bath bombs irritate your skin, stop using them right away.
  • Keep your kid's eyes away from the coloured water.
  • Little children may choke on the surprise toys inside, so close supervision is required.
  • Make sure the child does not swallow the water.


We hope you had a quick walk through the instructions shared above. Let's take a look at these fun-filled bath bombs for kids.



8 Fun Wrapped Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside

If your child hates bath time, invest in some of the best bath bombs for kids with a fun toy inside. These bath bombs might be just what your child needs to look forward to bath time.



6 pokemon bath bombs



Pokemon Bath Bomb by Jane and Robin 


When one of these Pokemon bath bombs goes into the tub, that makes bath time fun for your little Pokemon trainers. Aside from their whipped vanilla scent, each Pokeball contains a small plastic Pokemon toy that dissolves with the bath bomb.
Each Bath Bomb with toys inside contains moisturizing, detoxifying, muscle-relaxing, and cruelty-free ingredients. Just one bath will dramatically improve the appearance and feel of your skin!
Fill your bathtub with warm water, unwrap a Bath Bomb Fizzy, and watch it fizz! It's a sensory overload of scents, colours, butter, oils, and salts!



  • Ingredients that are high in antioxidants
  • Shea and Cocoa Butter softens the skin
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain.
  • No Animal Cruelty



  • Primarily available at online stores




Bath Bomb for Dry and Normal Skin by Amor

These Amor bath bombs are formulated for normal to dry skin and are said to be suitable for all ages. Each bath bomb is individually wrapped and double-packed to ensure safe delivery. Ten handcrafted bath bombs are included in each pack.



  • Each bath bomb is about 4 inches in diameter.
  • Includes a free handmade soap
  • Non-sticky and non-staining
  • Shea butter and body-safe colours are among the natural ingredients used.
  • There are over 200 different colours and fragrances to choose from.



  • Some may include glitter.
  • Some people may find the scents too overwhelming.




Dan & Darci's Dino Bath Bomb


If your kids like dinosaurs, they'll love these bath bombs because each one comes with a toy dinosaur. It also includes cards with dinosaur-related history and educational information.



  • Bath bombs in six different colours and shapes.
  • Colourful multilayer explosions inside each bath bomb Surprise dinosaur toy 
  • Made with all-natural ingredients



  • The bathtub could be dyed.
  • Sensitive skin may not be suitable.



Coffee's Bath Bomb for Kids and Adults


The Coffee Bath Bombs are made with cruelty-free and glitter-free handmade bombs. This set of six bath bombs has a toy hidden inside to surprise the child. 
Shea butter, cocoa butter, and essential oils are used in these fizzy bath bombs to moisturize, soften, and soothe children's skin.
Bathtime becomes an exciting event for the kids, thanks to the fruity fragrances and vibrant colours. This is appropriate for children over the age of three.



  • Colourful multilayers and a pleasant scent
  • Essential oils, cocoa, and shea butter are used to make this product.
  • FDA-approved, gluten-free, and cruelty-free
  • Shapes with a lot of skin benefits
  • Six handcrafted bath bombs are included.



  • For some, the scent may need to be more subtle.
  • There could be some chemicals in the formula.


Relaxation Natural Colorful Bath Bombs


This Relaxation set includes 12 multicoloured, handmade, all-natural bath bombs infused with essential oils. They add vibrant colours and exciting aromas to the bathwater, such as lavender, bubble gum, candy crush, fruit loops, cotton candy, and so on. 
Epsom salts, apricot kernel oil, and vitamins A and E are all included in these bath bombs. They gently moisturize the skin while providing a unique bathing experience.



  • Non-allergic
  • Dye-free
  • Gluten-free



  • It is Fragile



Children's Bathing Bombs By Exalla

Is it a constant battle to get your kids into the tub? Then these bath bombs might be just what you're looking for. These bathing gems are made with natural ingredients like coconut oil, Epsom salt, and other scented oils.


  • Doesn't leave a ring of oil in your tub
  • Organic ingredients were used.
  • There are no stains in the tub.
  • Toys that surprise



  • Toys are tiny




Lulubird Bath Bombs for Kids


Lulubird's bath bombs are not only colourful and fragrant, but they also contain a surprise for your child. Each pack includes six XL lush bath bombs in a variety of colours and scents that are suitable for children.



  • Handcrafted bath bombs the size of tennis balls
  • A squishy toy is hidden inside each bath bomb.
  • Made with essential oils and vegan materials
  • There are no stains in the tub.



  • Toys are small objects.
  • It might not fizz enough.




Natural Bath Bombs By Nurture Me


This is another bulk bath bomb set that claims to be made with organic ingredients and is safe for children's skin. Each bath bomb is the size of a golf ball, and one set contains 40.



  • Handcrafted and suitable for bulk purchases
  • All-natural components
  • Unique scents are Vegan and said to be ideal for all skin types.



  • For children, the scents may be too complex.




A Sweet Mini Guide to Buy Bath Bombs 


Bath bombs are a colourful, hard-packed complex mixture of dry ingredients that fizz when thrown into the water for the younger set. Some even include hidden toys that are revealed when the bath bombs dissolve. 


  • Make sure the bath bombs you choose are made with natural, skin-friendly ingredients. Bath bombs with chemicals should be avoided.


  • Pokemon Bath bombs are generally recommended for children over the age of three. However, avoid buying any that contain small toys for younger children because they may pose a choking hazard.


  • Take your time to visit and explore bath bombs in Australia-based stores or online stores to get some mild fragrances suitable for children. Children may be overwhelmed by synthetic smells.


  • The best of them have a wonderful fragrance. They'll almost certainly rekindle your interest in bath time, making it, if not a joy, at least a tolerable part of your daily routine. Although bath bombs are exciting and entertaining, there are a few things to consider before purchasing them for your children.




pokemon bath bombs gift box



Perky Features of Bath Bombs – Reasons, Why You Must Try Bath Bombs



Bath bombs are dry bath balls containing various dry ingredients and produce effervescence when wet. All its components have different skin-nourishing properties and come in multiple colours and scents



Perk# 1 - Skin Nutrition

  • The good news is that all bath bombs comprise essential oils and butter elements that help to nourish the skin. Whether it's the qualities of shea butter or various essential oils like lavender.


Perk# 2 - Fun for Kids

  • One of the biggest reasons every mom would rush to buy bath bombs is the fun-filled element for kids' bath time. In addition to the magic of bath bombs, the manufacturers of some bombs (like Pokémon Bath Bombs Australia-based brand) use to add tiny cute surprise toys inside the bath bomb. This is where the entertaining bath session adventure begins!


Perk# 3 - Rehydrating the skin

  • Various essential oils in these balls help to lock in moisture in your skin, which would otherwise be washed away by regular soaps, leaving you with dry skin.


Perk# 4 - Aromatherapy

  • Bath bombs can serve as the best way to have aromatherapy right at home, whenever you want, in addition to maintaining the health of your skin. Moreover, there are several scents available for these water-soluble balls.



Key Takeaways


In modern times, bath bombs can transform your home's bathroom into a tranquil spa-like environment, so including them in your daily bath becomes an obvious choice. Try a Pokemon bath bomb with a surprise toy inside for your kids or for gifting it to someone. Your child will have a fantastic bath time experience; it's a great time to practice self-care and mindfulness and have fun.