How to Wear Bohemian Jewellery like a Fashion Geek

Currently, bohemian jewellery is in the latest style. Let’s dive right in and examine how to wear jewellery in a bohemian manner. The fundamental tenets of the bohemian lifestyle are the free spirit, calm mind, and individualism in terms of fashion trends. If you browse further, you’ll see some incredibly clever and enjoyable bohemian-inspired styling hacks. 


Bohemian Tree Of Life Bracelet




Bohemian jewellery fashion is more than simply a look. It is upbeat and enjoyable, whether you live in flowing maxi skirts or enjoy stacking on jingling silver bracelets for the day. It conveys a carefree attitude, a flea market aesthetic, and a global flair. The boho aesthetic is a modernised folk and hippie fashion from the 1960s and 1970s.


Let’s enter the enchanted realm of the wanderer!


Fringed Necklace for a Playful Look

One essential component of the bohemian-inspired look is fringed necklaces. Fringes are frequently utilised to finish the edges of our jewellery and apparel. They primarily act as decorative elements of your clothing or accessories, allowing us to lengthen our look.


Depending on the occasion, you might wear a fringed necklace with a statement stone in the middle, casual or sophisticated attire. Regarding jewellery, fringes are simply hanging silver or golden strips that give our look dimension and a very Indian flair. Typically, boundaries are formed from strands of suede or leather.


Necklaces with Delicate layers 

You may easily pull off the ideal bohemian romantic style by wearing a grin and a blush-coloured or all-white shirt that complements a delicate layered necklace. If you like to dress up in lace, ruffles, or velvet and wander the winding streets of pretty cities, consider accessioning with a simple, understated necklace. 


It would look fantastic with your ensemble. But remember, to give your spectacular necklace the focus it requires when you wear bohemian necklaces, keep the rest of the space around your neck bare and unadorned. 


How to Carry?

  • A long, flowing dress with no straps and basic embroidery
  • A maxi dress in a muted tone with a solid pattern
  • A straightforward cream tunic
  • A tank top in black or dove grey


Of course, if that’s your style, you may also layer on the necklaces. The more jewellery, the better, according to bohemian fashion! Don’t stress over matching. 


Chunky Bracelets 

Some claim that less is more. More is more, in Bohemian parlance. Keep your wrists covered. Put on a few delicate silver bracelets with intricate, curling motifs. Or put on a robust and chunky bangle. 


Why not attempt both?


Wooden or metal cuffs that highlight your wrist or lift your arm are popular in boho jewellery. Your bracelets could be made of salvaged wood one day and exquisite stones set in sterling silver the next. 


How to Carry?

  • Avoid hiding your boho bracelets under long sleeves unless it’s cold outside. Anything with no sleeves or short sleeves will highlight your bangles. 
  • To balance out the bracelet’s brightness and complexity./
  • Put on a straightforward, neutral-coloured scoop-neck top, then have fun with an earthy, multicoloured skirt that grazes your ankles. 
  • Add a floppy hat, ankle boots, or strappy sandals to complete the ensemble.


Shell choker For Beach lovers


Woman wearing bohemian bracelets at the beach

If you’re a wild child and public beaches appeal to you, you can accessories your beachwear with a beachy boho-inspired shell choker. Natural-inspired necklaces are a mainstay of the bohemian jewellery trend and look fantastic.


Chokers made of shells are a fantastic way to embrace your inner bohemian. The silver pendants on the shell choker appear incredibly unique and striking. You can take this natural choker with you on your upcoming excursions to warm locations, camping trips, or festivals.


In addition to its simple style, fashionable crochet stitched boho bikini and a beach cover-up can make the shell choker look alluring. If you are not a big fan of shells, you can have a stone layering choker instead.


Statement Necklace for Gypsy looks

Decorate your wardrobe with a Gypsy Statement Necklace to spread only positive energy and bring back memories of your summertime travels and nomadic lifestyle.


When we think of the boho style, we often imagine festivals, whimsical flower children, floral gypsy clothing, and free-spirited individuals. However, it is effortless to incorporate the boho vibes into your regular urban trends.


You can always complete your look by wearing your hippie-inspired necklace with jeans and a flowing kimono or cardigan.


Boho Ankle Bracelet for a Distinct Appearance

Make sure to decorate your ankle with a striking ankle bracelet inspired by the bohemian movement if you want to stand out from the crowd and get people’s attention. With your foot bracelet, feel free to accessorise your toes with rings in animal or tribal patterns to complete your boho look.


Feel free to accessorise yourself with such pieces since they provide a striking contrast when worn against the skin and can bring back memories of your bright and salty days at the beach. Ocean blue stones are also a major bohemian fashion trend.


Spiky and Geometric Necklace for a Fashionable Look

When attempting to channel your inner free spirit, a statement necklace with intricate detailing, geometric forms, and bohemian themes can be ideal. Use a geometrically designed and spiky chain with casual clothing for a relaxed bohemian vibe.


By adding a piece of boho jewellery with a striking appearance to an otherwise basic dress, you may instantly create a look that embodies your personality.


Hippie necklace for creatively inspired looks

Suppose you have a lot of V-necked or scooped-necked boho-inspired blouses. In that case, you may twist your outfit by adding a statement necklace with a bohemian art deco vibe that will highlight your creative side. Add an art deco statement necklace to your everyday attire to give it a free-spirited and fashionable feel.


The art deco necklaces have such a mystical, artistic design that there is no doubt that they will quickly give your clothing a stylish vibe. You can finish off your bohemian look by adding a fringed vest or kimono, and you will have a creative and daring outfit.


Bottom Line

Don’t you adore this sophisticated and chic look? Wrapping your body in these extraordinary garments can let you escape the ordinary. The hippie bohemian influences are incredibly enchanted and creative. Give in to some boho, free-spirited vibes if you want to do something different. Embrace your imagination and unique sense of style to transform your appearance into a work of art.


I hope you found it interesting and informative. To check enchanted collections by Jane and Robin.