Bohemian Jewellery - Everything You Need To Know in 2023

Handcrafted Bohemian jewellery is part of a new fashion trend toward more natural and distinctive looks. This ecologically aware jewellery creates a true fashion statement with innovative mixes of basic materials and creative use of natural components.



5 Bohemian necklaces with tree of life pendants


What is Bohemian Style Jewellery?


Historically bohemian was connected with gypsy and itinerant communities in Eastern Europe. Bohemian jewellery is now most commonly linked with the digital century, peaceful people.


For example, five pearls in a bracelet may have the same form or colour, but tiny differences in colours, shapes, or surface irregularities distinguish each one. This difference is one of the defining characteristics of Bohemian culture, which places a premium on consciousness and unique craftsmanship above all else.


Bohemian handcrafted jewellery has a retro appeal that appeals to people of all ages. During the "hippy" period in the mid-1960s, the first wave of Bohemian fashion emerged, but today's modern superstars like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have made bohemian jewellery increasingly trendy.



Handcrafted Bohemian Jewellery Styles


Natural components and elements are commonly used in Bohemian jewellery to stress the user's relationship with nature and the purity of natural objects over artificial creations. Bohemian jewellery is often heavy and thick, with several sections added to jewellery to provide texture and complexity.


The most popular Bohemian accessories are long chains, thick wristbands, brooches, and chandelier earrings. On the other hand, modern designer jewellery may include bohemian themes such as blossoms, natural elements, and available motifs in various product lines.



Materials Employed


In both clothes and jewellery, the bohemian style emphasizes organic elements, yet there are many different alternatives for gorgeous jewellery designs, including:


  • Coral or shells, particularly those with unusual patterns or hues.
  • Internal swirls and designs with aquamarine or other natural stones.
  • Amber, stone, or fossil bits are all possibilities.
  • Polished wooden pieces.
  • Pearls, especially if they have unique forms that discriminating jewellers would otherwise dismiss.


Other Bohemian Styles


Bohemian jewellery is just one facet of a more significant Bohemian fashion scene. Long, billowing skirts, short jackets, footwear, large purses, and tattered fabrics layered beautifully are all staples of this style.


However, they stick to Bohemian principles by employing organic elements, subdued hues, and a sensitive perception of self-expression rather than strictly adhering to runway guidelines



Characteristics Of Boho Jewellery 



More Layers 


Nothing says bohemian like a few casually placed layers, whether a multilayer of handmade necklaces or numerous cobalt blue bracelets.


Groups of Jewellery


The opportunity to combine many pieces of jewellery is one of the most appealing aspects of the Bohemian jewellery style. To get the Bohemian look, mix and match similar-themed jewellery.


Make a Personal Impression


You may make a statement not only with your attire but also with your jewellery choices.


Wear colourful chandelier earrings with fluorescent patterned bangles if you want to be strong and vocal. There is a wide range of Bohemian jewellery to pick from, allowing you to discuss yourself openly.


Don't Forget About Your Theme


Themes abound in the Bohemian aesthetic. The colour scheme of traditional Bohemian fashion is Earth-inspired. The earth theme is a grand colour scheme since it allows you to overlay any colours you like. Go for the grey and metal colour schemes if you want to take them further.


Jewellery with rills and prints


Bohemian style includes jewellery with printed patterns. For a Bohemian goddess style, pair a patterned bangle with an animal or nature-themed headband.


Vintage + Bohemian


Bohemian and vintage are good since they have similar colour schemes, are both distinctive, and like layering. Choose pearls for a sophisticated boho vibe, and mix pearl and silver bangles for a regal appearance.


Don'ts and Dos


  • Bangles, pearl necklaces, and gemstone rings are stylish jewellery with a timeless aura.
  • Rich tones, subdued hues, and neutral tones are ideal for a vintage look.
  • You may apply as much as you like, but stay moderate. Always remember that the key to appearing good is putting together a pleasing mix.


Woman on the beach wearing bohemian necklace and bracelets

Is Boho Jewellery Right For Me?


Everyone looks good in boho jewellery. At least, that's what we believe. It's not the finest pick for the red carpet, but it's ideal for a laid-back, free-spirited style.

Choose things that you feel at ease in and are the right colour and size. Simply because something looks well on someone else does not guarantee it will look good on you. Always choose things that you believe are appropriate for you.

If you prefer simple, subtle jewellery, there are beautiful Boho items.



Where to Look for Bohemian Jewellery?


Most jewellery stores do not carry handcrafted Bohemian jewellery; internet sellers such as Jane Robin are the most excellent place to look for one-of-a-kind items. Many independent artists sell handmade jewellery online, ranging from $10 to $300 for each item, depending on the size, materials used, and the creator.


However, the best solution is to go for the most reputable sellers who sell their products in bulk and provide guaranteed quality.


If you are also planning to purchase and need to learn where and which product to buy, you should look closely at our extensive range.