Hand poured all natural soy wax with pure essential oils


      Opal FAQs

      Opal gemstones are associated with fire energy that carries with it a creative spark, as well as protection and stability. Physically, opal can treat infections and vision problems, while emotionally it can bring emotional balance, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve communication skills.

      To maximize the healing benefits of an opal gemstone, you should first cleanse it by placing it in a bowl of sea salt or burying it in the ground overnight. You can then wear or carry your stone with you throughout the day or sleep with it near your bed for an enhanced dream state.

      It depends on how you take care of the stone; if worn or handled regularly, the shine and color will diminish over time. However, with proper storage and handling techniques, opals can maintain their lustrous look for many years.

      Opal gemstones are known for their unique and beautiful colors, ranging from white to yellow to pink. They are also believed to be powerful healers that possess strong spiritual qualities as well as numerous physical benefits.