Lapis Lazuli

Hand poured all natural soy wax with pure essential oils


      Lapis Lazuli FAQs

      Lapis lazuli is a powerful healing stone that can reduce anxiety and stress, promote harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. It is believed to be effective in helping one to find their true purpose in life, leading one to spiritual enlightenment. Physically, it can facilitate communication between cells and help clear impurities from systems of the body while boosting blood circulation.

      Wear it as a pendant or bracelet, keep it in your pocket or carry it with you, place it around your home for protection from negative energy or incorporate it into meditation practice.

      Yes! It ranges from deep blues to purples and greys with golden specks. Each color has its own unique healing properties.

      Absolutely! Lapis Lazuli is considered a non-toxic substance and can be safely used for healing purposes.