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      Fluorite FAQs

      Fluorite is known as a powerful healing and protective stone that helps to activate spiritual awakenings, amplify clarity and relieve stress. On an emotional level, it acts as an aura cleanser while helping to balance and stabilize mood swings. Physically, it helps with detoxification of toxins, aids in muscle spasms and strengthens bones. Mentally, it gives mental clarity and focus while aiding in decision making processes.

      Wear jewelry crafted from Fluorite such as necklaces or bracelets for constant protection against negative energies throughout the day. You may also place individual pieces near your workspace or study desk to boost concentration levels. To attract positive energy into your life, you can carry a piece of raw fluorite in your pocket or purse at all times! Alternatively, creating a grid by placing several pieces around you allows for deeper connection within yourself when doing meditation practices or spiritual rituals.

      As with any type of crystal or precious stone, you should handle mindfully due to its delicate nature. Store gems away from direct sunlight as this may cause them to fade over time. Clean gently with warm water - excessive scrubbing can damage their surface over time too! Additionally, avoid harsh chemicals that may cause discoloration or fading in color too!

      Yes! The larger the fluorite gemstone, the stronger its healing properties will be because they contain more energy within itself. Bigger stones may have deeper shades which also amplifies their power too!