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      Amethyst FAQs

      Amethyst has many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. On a physical level, it helps to increase immunity and decrease headaches and tension. On an emotional level, it brings inner peace and strength while calming stress and anxiety. It is also highly beneficial for spiritual growth by encouraging communication with spiritual guides and angels.

      To benefit from the healing properties of Amethyst, you may carry one in your pocket or place it in your room or workspace. Another option is to wear jewelry made of Amethyst such as necklaces or bracelets. If you have several pieces, creating a grid around your bed can help to promote more restful sleep.

      As with any type of crystal or precious stone, you should be mindful when handling an amethyst gemstone due to its delicate nature. Store it in a protective bag away from sunlight as this can cause it to fade over time. Clean gently with warm water - excessive scrubbing can damage its surface over time.

      Yes! The larger the amethyst gemstone, the stronger its healing properties will be because they contain more energy from within itself. Bigger stones may have deeper color shades which also aids in amplifying their power too!