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      Amazonite FAQs

      Amazonite is a calming and soothing stone that brings tranquility to chaotic or stressful environments. It enhances communication, helps to clarify beliefs and intentions, and assists in manifesting dreams. This crystal strengthens intuition and guidance, helping you to make decisions with confidence. Physically, Amazonite is thought to help balance the metabolism and hormonal systems. It also may offer relief from headaches, sore throats, muscle aches, and menstrual cramps.

      There are multiple ways to use Amazonite gemstones for healing purposes. You can carry it in your pocket for increased energy levels throughout the day or place it in your room for emotional clarity. You could also wear jewelry made of Amazonite such as necklaces or bracelets so the healing energies stay with you wherever you go.

      As with any type of crystal or precious stone, you should be mindful when handling Amazonite gemstones due to their fragile nature. When not using it always store your stones in a protective bag or container away from sunlight as this can cause it to fade over time. Avoid excessive scrubbing as this can damage its surface over time - gentle cleaning with warm water is all that's needed!

      Yes! The larger the size of an Amazonite gemstone, the stronger its healing properties will be because it contains more energy from within itself. Bigger stones may have deeper color shades which also aids in amplifying their power too!